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Selina Cadwallader (active 1870-1886)
United States (Cincinnati)
Reception Dress, 1886
Gift of Wilmar Antiques c/o Mr. Maurice Oshry, 1971.550 a-c

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Analogous colors — similar or alike colors

Bodice — The fitted part of a dress that extends from the waist to the shoulder

Bustle — A bow, peplum, or gathering of material at the back of a woman's skirt below the waist

Client — The party for which professional services are rendered

Corset — A close-fitting undergarment, often reinforced by stays, worn to support and shape the waistline, hips, and breasts

Criteria — A standard, rule, or test on which a judgment or decision can be based

Decoration — Something used to decorate

Dressmaker — One that makes women�s clothes, especially dresses

Fabric — A cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers

Fashion — The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior

Fiber — A natural or synthetic filament, as of cotton or nylon, capable of being spun into yarn

Foot — unit of measurement equal to 12 inches

Geometric — Using simple geometric forms such as circles and squares in design and decoration

Handiwork — The product of a person's efforts and actions

Inch — A unit of length in the U.S. Customary and British Imperial systems, equal to 1/12 of a foot

Loom — An apparatus for making thread or yarn into cloth by weaving strands together at right angles

Measurement — The dimension, quantity, or capacity determined by measuring

Measuring tape — A tool to ascertain measurement

Modesty — Reserve or propriety in speech, dress, or behavior

Museum curator — One who manages or oversees, as the administrative director of a museum collection or a library

Organic — Of, relating to, or derived from living organisms

Pattern — A plan, diagram, or model to be followed in making things: a dress pattern

Period — An interval of time characterized by the occurrence of a certain condition, event, or phenomenon

Protection — The act of protecting. The condition of being protected

Reception — A social function, especially one intended to provide a welcome or greeting

Ruler — A straight edged strip, as of wood or metal, for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths

Sew — To make, repair, or fasten by stitching, as with a needle and thread or a sewing machine

Style — The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed

Texture — The distinctive physical composition or structure of something, especially with respect to the size, shape, and arrangement of its parts

Train — A part of a gown that trails behind the wearer

Victorian — Being in the highly ornamented, massive style of architecture, decor, and furnishings popular in 19th-century England

Warp — To arrange (strands of yarn or thread) so that they run lengthwise in weaving

Weaving — To make (cloth) by interlacing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom

Weft — The horizontal threads interlaced through the warp in a woven fabric

Yard — A fundamental unit of length in both the U.S. Customary System and the British Imperial System, equal to 3 feet, or 36 inches

Yard goods — merchandise in the form of fabrics sold by the yard

Yardstick — A graduated measuring stick one yard in length

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