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Vase and Dedication Medallion

Tiffany & Co. (1853-)
United States
Vase and Dedication Medallion, 1878
Bequest of Reuben R. Springer, 1884.483
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The Gift of Art to Cincinnati
Vase and Dedication Medallion by Tiffany and Co.

During Cincinnati's artistic golden age, many wealthy patrons supported major institutions of art and culture. Among these was Reuben Springer. During his life he gave generously to see cultural institutions, like the Cincinnati Art Museum, succeed. However, his most notable gift to the people of Cincinnati was the donation of funds to create the Cincinnati Music Hall.

In this lesson, students will explore the life and generosity of Ruben Springer through closer inspection of the Museum's Vase and Dedication Medallion, which were presented to Springer upon the opening of Music Hall. Through study of these objects students will explore further the story of Cincinnati.


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